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What Does My Phone Insurance Actually Cover?

What Does My Phone Insurance Actually Cover?

Smartphones have become such an integral part of our lives that living without one is unfathomable. So, of course, taking out insurance against the loss of what has become your life support machine makes sense, right?

Having investigated the murky waters of mobile phone insurance, it appears to encapsulate all that is difficult and perplexing about purchasing a financial product.

Find out what is actually covered with phone insurance and, more importantly, if it is worth the money compared to a smartphone repair service!

Water Damage

Phone insurance can usually cover the cost of repairs or replacement if your handset is damaged by liquid.

Mechanical Failure 

If your phone has a mechanical problem after the manufacturer's warranty period has expired, insurance will cover this.

phone with water damage

Phone Accessories

As with the device, any damaged, lost, or stolen accessories, such as phone chargers, will be replaced.

Fraudulent Behaviour 

Reimbursement of expenditures spent as a result of unauthorised phone calls or eWallet transactions will also be covered.

What Won't Your Phone Insurance Cover?

Along with all the things listed above that are covered in phone insurance, it is also important to be aware of things your insurance might not cover.


Any damage determined to have been purposefully caused by you would not be covered. If you drive away with your phone on the roof of your car, for example, your insurer may deny your claim because you didn't exercise reasonable caution.

Theft While Unattended

You won't be protected if you leave your phone on the seat of your car or on a table at a cafe and it isn't there when you return for it.

Delays in Reporting a Lost or Stolen Phone

Make sure you report your phone as soon as possible if it goes missing.

If you wait more than 24 hours (or even 12 hours for some insurers) before reporting it to them and/or the police, some insurers will refuse to cover you – either for the phone or for unauthorised calls and downloads.

Not the Original SIM Card

If you don't have the original SIM card in your phone – possibly because you switched providers and inserted a new SIM card, or because you're temporarily using a different device - you might not be covered.

phone rests on wooden table

Instant Coverage

You may not be able to make a claim within the first two weeks of your coverage. However, with instant coverage, you can file a claim the same day you purchase the policy.

Replacement Phone

If your phone is broken or damaged, some insurers will attempt to repair it or offer a refurbished phone rather than replacing it.

If this is the case, you should expect to be without a phone while it is repaired. This can usually take anywhere from four to seven days.

Phone Insurance for Children or Teenagers

If you – or the child you're buying the phone insurance for – are under the age of 16 (or even 18 in some cases), you might have trouble finding coverage.

Is Phone Insurance Worth it?

Loss, theft, and unintentional damage may all be covered under a normal mobile phone insurance coverage. This implies that if you crack your screen accidentally, your insurer will cover the cost of repairs or replacement; however, every company is different with services and costs.

It is also worth noting that although theoretically you should be covered on the items above according to your insurance company, there can always be loopholes such as the argument that reasonable care hadn't been taken and therefore you may find you aren't protected.

Although it can feel reassuring having phone insurance for when things go wrong, it is also important that you are aware that a lot of the time, insurance companies may not pay out or send a replacement due to a small technicality. With this in mind, depending on your needs, it might be cheaper (and easier) to just pay for the repairs.

We recommend double-checking your personal plan coverage to ensure that you’re fully aware of what your insurance company provides before coming to see us.

A good way to self-insure is by putting away a little bit of money each month in case the worst happens and you have to get a replacement or spend money on repairs. This way, if you end up not needing it, you can spend the money you've saved on something else!

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