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Why is My Smartphone Slow?

Why is My Smartphone Slow?

Is there anything more annoying than a smartphone that can't keep up? A slow device is one of the most common issues users face and can seriously hinder the smartphone experience.

Reasons For a Slow Phone

This problem usually crops up in older phones that can no longer keep up with new system updates. However, newer devices are not immune to becoming slow. Excessive downloads and apps running in the background unnecessarily can also cause your phone to become sluggish or periodically unresponsive.

Other causes for a slow phone can include a limited processing speed due to your random-access memory (RAM) being full of unnecessary data.

In some cases, you can accidentally infect the software with a virus that can decrease your phone's capabilities.

How to Fix Your Smartphone

This issue is universal, and most of our solutions cover all smartphones. However, smartphones are not renowned for their long-life spans and can be left behind as software advances. So, some of these solutions may be temporary fixes that you can only fix with purchasing a new smartphone!

We offer various affordable smartphones ranging from Samsungs, iPhones, Nokias, LG’s and much more.

Clear Cache Data

If your phone's memory is overexerted, this can lead to slow responses or freezing. You should clear the device's cache data and close all unimportant apps that continue to run in the background when not in use. This will also help free up some valuable RAM space to increase your processing speed.

Free up Storage

You should also take this opportunity to delete any apps or software you do not need and free up some storage by transferring photos and other files to an external storage or cloud services.

You can also use Google Drive to store data you want to keep but not store directly on your phone. Transferring photos and information straight to your laptop can be another option if you need to free up some storage space on your phone.

Check for App Updates

When using a specific app that experiences delays, you might need to update your app. You can quickly do this by checking your smartphone’s app store and looking through your updates.

If you have a backlog of updates, we recommend updating your apps and switching off your phone to update everything as fast as possible.

Reset Your Device

If none of these methods fixes your issue, then you might need a full factory reset. This reset will completely update the existing software and revert the software to its original state. However, this factory reset will completely wipe the device, so we recommended backing up your necessary data to a storage device.

Buy a New Smartphone 

It might be time to treat yourself to a new smartphone finally. With a great range to choose from, we are sure you can find the perfect phone for an affordable price at The Techout.

If you need a professional phone repair, then we can gladly provide you with a free consultation. For more common phone problems, check out our hangout.

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