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Android 12 Tips and Tricks

Android 12 Tips and Tricks

The highly anticipated Android 12 update is an extensive overhaul for Android users, with each feature being updated and evolved to enhance users’ experience. Released on October 19, this update focuses on improving the UI, security and connectivity between Pixel users. Check out our range of One Plus phones to experience this new update for yourself.

With the Android 12 update being 1.5GB, you can expect many new changes, enhanced features and a new UI system. Let's dive into how to utilise these new features with a couple of tips and tricks.

One-Handed Mode

With phones shifting in size, shapes and design, updates are required to keep up with these changes.

The Android 12's one-handed mode is Google's answer to the increase in screen size. You can often find yourself needing to use both hands when operating your phone. But with the new Android 12 update, you can utilise the one-handed mode feature to manage all aspects of your phone with just one hand.

These helpful features enable the user to cover all basics with the swipe of a single thumb. This feature improves your experience when casually scrolling through your phone and ensures that it can rest comfortably in one hand.

Pause Your Apps

Android 12 introduces a method for users to take a break from specific apps. You can often find yourself being targeted by a constant bombardment of notifications from one app, but you might not want to nullify all notifications.

This feature enables you to focus on one application and pause it. While paused, this app cannot send out notifications, and you cannot access it with a tap.

Pausing it won't delete data or sign you out; it will just temporarily pause its ability to display notifications. Once you're ready, unpause the app by holding down and selecting unpause.

Visual Redesign With Material You

One of the most prominent features within Android 12 is the implementation of Material You. This incredible feature drastically enhances the Pixel’s capabilities for customisation. By analysing your chosen background, the Material You will pick the primary and secondary colours present and unify every page to ensure themed connectivity.

Material You will question if you want to pick between wallpaper or primary colours. This choice is entirely up to you and should be played around with to ensure you get the perfect aesthetics! Furthermore, you can gain more control by accessing the wallpaper and settings section.

Customising Your Widgets

As mentioned before, customisation is a main feature of the Android 12 update, and this can be seen with the change to widgets. Aesthetically speaking, the widgets are smoothed out around the edges and given a light rework to allow for editing.

To fit with the Material You, you can now customise the widgets to fit your phone's themed look. A refreshed user interface with devices will ensure that your phone looks incredible with both practicality and elegance being optimised.

Privacy Dashboard

Pixel users can now find all privacy settings together with the introduction of a highly detailed privacy dashboard. Every phone with the Android 12 update can now easily find its microphone, camera, and location settings.

You can easily find the data for applications that have access to these features and when they accessed them.

This dashboard can reassure you that all data is being protected by Google and controlled by you. The simple layout is user-friendly and ensures that each section is identifiable with icons of the designated apps.

Nearby Share

As of October 19, you can locally share an image, link or text to anyone in your general vicinity. Google has played with this feature in the past but failed to maximise its full potential. But with the Android 12 update ensuring that the UI is beneficial and beautiful, Google fully realises the nearby share feature.

So, next time you're with your friends and need to share an image, you can do so with confidence and swiftness.

Facial Auto-Rotation

In the past, automatic rotation has been either extremely rewarding or frustrating. Whether you're lying in bed reading an article or trying to watch a video in portrait mode, the automated process can annoy you. However, the Android 12 launched facial auto-rotation, which essentially tracks your face and will determine if you want the phone to be rotated or not.

This clever little feature will automatically rotate based on the personal preference and positioning of your face. This feature might sound scary, but all the data is behind a restricted section unattainable to other apps and is completely secured with Google’s algorithm.

The Android 12 is an excellent addition to Pixel phones with some beneficial tips and tricks that are user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. For additional information, contact us and ask away! For more information on upcoming updates and tips, check out our blog.

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