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Terms & Conditions


1. Object
2. Application Field
3. Territoriality
4. Capacity to make agreements
5. Customer Acceptances
6. Amendment to the Terms and Conditions of Sale
7. Product Specifications
8. Pricing
9. Delivery Fee’s
10. VAT
11. Placing an order
12. Order Confirmation
13. Order Cancellation
14. Items Availability
15. Items Condition
16. Payment
17. Invoicing and Receipts
18. Packaging
19. Confirmation
20. Delivery
21. Error on Invoice
22. Warranty and Returns

1. Object

The Terms and Conditions herein are applicable any time you access our website or purchase goods directly from it.

The Techout is a specialist retailer in consumer technology.

The duty of the following Terms and Conditions is to provide clear and accurate definition of the sales conditions between The Techout and its Customers. Within the terms of this accordance, the Customer is agreed to be any individual or legal being having made purchases through the The Techout website www.thetechout.com.

2. Application Field

The following Sales Terms and Conditions relate to the sale of goods obtainable through www.thetechout.com on the date the order is placed and in-store.

The solicitation of said Terms and Conditions is activated the moment the order is placed. In the event that the terms of this agreement differ due to the manner in which the order was created, such a difference would be expressly and clearly stated.

3. Territoriality

The use of the The Techout website and any contracts formed are governed by English law.

It is expressly mentioned that should a dispute occur, an out-of-court settlement is to be favoured by the parties.

4. Capacity to make agreements

As the acquisition of goods available on the The Techout website is not a commonplace act, so any Customer of The Techout declares that he/she has the capacity to contract the terms hereafter, i.e. he/she is emancipated or has legal majority and is not under the protection of any by-laws.

5. Customer Acceptances

When the customer submits an order, they automatically accepts the present Terms and Conditions. Said Terms and Conditions are valid with the exclusion of any other terms, except by written agreement signed by the parties.

Terms and Conditions are available for reading on the website.

6. Amendment to the Terms and Conditions of Sale

The present Terms and Conditions are subject to adjustments at any time. It should be stressed that the Customer reads them on a regular basis. Each version is specifically dated. Therefore, any orders placed by the customer are governed by the online Terms and Conditions in effect at the time at which orders are placed.

7. Product Specifications

The Techout aims to provide accurate and comprehensive information in reference to the goods’ ordered.

8. Pricing

• Prices are displayed in UK Pounds (£), VAT included, shipping fees excluded.

• The Techout’s prices are in constant flux and are liable to change at any time; the prices shown are subject to adjustments at any time.

• All prices are clearly disclosed provided there are no obvious typographical errors.

9. Delivery fees

Delivery for orders in the UK is free. Should the customer want to return any products purchased from The Techout, a pre-paid postal envelope shall be sent to the customer via 1st class post. The customer when making a return must obtain proof of postage. The Techout accepts no responsibility for goods returned by any other means.

10. Value Added Tax (VAT)

VAT is included with all sales. The Techout sells both Marginal VAT and Standard VAT products on the same listing, should you have a preference please email on [email protected] prior to placing the order.

11. Placing an order

Placing an order through The Techout requires the customer to complete an online registration form including personal/payment details. The Techout urges customers to thoroughly proofread the information entered before validating their order. The Techout is neither responsible for sending e-mails to the wrong e-mail address nor for sending parcels to the wrong delivery address, should the form have been incorrectly completed.

12. Order Confirmation

An automated order confirmation e-mail is sent to the Customer provided that the e-mail address does not contain any errors. A confirmation e-mail is also sent to confirm the creation of an account with The Techout and at the product dispatch stage.

13. Order Cancellation

If an order has been placed through The Techout and the Customer then decides they do not want the product, the order can be cancelled via telephone (01271 624368) or email ([email protected]).

If the order has progressed past the ‘dispatch’ stage, the Customer will need to wait until the item has been received and then complete the return process.

  1. Items Availability

    While stocks last, our items are available and our prices are applicable as long as they are featured on our website.

    Customers may obtain more information by phone or email.

    The condition of the goods is usually stated in the description body of the product. If the condition of the goods is not stated or if you need further information, please contact The Techout.

    15. Items Condition

Our Grading System:

Grade A - A premium product in excellent condition, which may have little or minor signs of use and comes in recycleable packaging along with our 12-month warranty.

Grade B - A good condition product that has between minor and moderate wear across the device and comes in recycleable packaging along with our 12-month warranty.

Grade C - A used product that has between moderate and heavy wear across the device and comes in recycleable packaging along with our 12-month warranty.

All prices reflect our strict grading system.

Our testing includes blacklist checks of the IMEI (against a database), housing condition, screen condition, buttons, switches, headphone ports, earpiece, speakers, microphones, touch screen, LCD, WiFi connectivity, camera, SIM reader and network connectivity, power port, battery, accelerometer (if applicable) and appropriate software detection. Should a handset fail any one of these tests, we simply do not sell it.

  1. Payment

    Should the Customer pay by credit card, their card will be charged once the order is complete.

    Governed by its own discretion The Techout reserves the right to decline an order.
    Payment methods are as follows:
  • Visa/MasterCard/Maestro/AMEX
  • Paypal
  • Klarna

All information is collected lawfully and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018, thus Customers have a right, upon request and proof of identity, of access to the information held about them and have the right to have factually incorrect information corrected.

17. Invoicing and Receipts

The order information form filled out online by the Customer can be considered as an invoice.

Regardless of the purchase or payment methods, the Customer receives a confirmation notification via e-mail of goods ordered.

18. Packaging

The Techout will ensure that the product(s) is safely and securely packaged when dispatched.

19. Confirmation

When a Customer orders through The Techout, providing the e-mail address is correct, they will receive an automatic ‘dispatch’ information e-mail.

20. Delivery

The Techout is committed dispatching the product the same day of an order being completed before 5pm (excluding weekends, Bank Holidays and National Holidays). UK orders are sent using Royal Mail Special Delivery.

Items are sent to the address entered on the order form by the customer. This can be amended by contacting The Techout.

20.1 Customer absence on the delivery day

Depending on the circumstances and the courier’s policy, the Customer may find a missed delivery card. The Customer will need to follow the instructions on the missed delivery card to arrange a new delivery date. It also might occur that the Customer does not find a note for reasons beyond our control, in this instance, it is the Customer's responsibility to track their online, on the courier’s website, in order to receive information on it as soon as possible.

20.2 Late delivery

A parcel may not be delivered in the expected time allotment given by the courier. If the delay extends too long, the Customer can contact The Techout in order to open an enquiry to establish the whereabouts of the parcel.

20.3 Loss of the parcel

In order for The Techout to officially declare a parcel lost, the Customer has ten business days to declare the loss of a parcel starting from the date he or she received the dispatch confirmation e-mail.

If the parcel was declared as lost within the above-mentioned time, The Techout will proceed to make a claim with the delivery service. The Techout may require the Customer to complete additional documents to assist the claim process. In this situation the Customer will then need to send the information as soon as possible.

The final response related to claims is usually given by the carrier within a 4 to 8 week period.

20.4 Reception of the parcel

When the items are delivered to the Customer, the courier will require a signature from the customer as acknowledgement of receipt.

The Customer is encouraged to check the parcel methodically upon its arrival. If a parcel arrives damaged, the Customer's reservations must be written on the delivery note in the presence of the courier.

Should no reservation be mentioned, the parcel is considered as delivered in good condition and no subsequent claims or complaints will be accepted by The Techout.

21. Error on Invoice

Should any mistakes appear on the Customer's invoice, they must inform The Techout by telephone or e-mail that the received items do not comply in the expected nature, quality or quantity to what was ordered and invoiced.

22. Warranty and Returns

Items to be returned within 12 months of dispatch date.

Should the customer want to return any products purchased from The Techout, a pre-paid postal envelope shall be sent to the customer via 1st class post. The customer when making a return must obtain proof of postage. The Techout accepts no responsibility for goods returned by any other means.

22.1 Returns Procedure and Conditions

An item is considered as a complete unit. Therefore, if the Customer is unsatisfied with one element of the package, he/she must return the whole package. The Techout reserves the right to return incomplete items to the Customer.

Prior to returning an order, the Customer must inform The Techout of their desire to do so. This can be done via by phone or e-mail.

22.2 Packaging a Return

Choose a box commensurate with the items returned.

Wrap the elements up with suitable shockproof material. There must be a sufficient amount of protection around the elements so that they do not touch the inner surfaces or move inside the box.

22.3 Faulty Products

The Techout offers genuine hassle-free returns, so if you find that you’re not happy with your order or you've changed your mind, that’s fine. You can return it to us within 30 days of the order date for a refund.

22.4 Warranty and Return Conditions

The Techout is confident any product purchased will reach the Customer in perfect condition. In the unlikely event that you experience any technical problems with your product, the item’s warranty covers internal, technical issues only. Physical damaged caused to the item after receipt by the Customer, is not covered by the product warranty.

Examples of technical internal problems that are covered by The Techout’s warranty covers issues with: Microphone, Camera, Wi-Fi, internal speaker etc.

The item must be returned in the sale condition, preferably in its original packaging.

The Consumer must systematically state their order reference, name and complete address to have their request to be processed efficiently.

22.4a IP Rating

Splash, water and dust resistance are not permanent conditions and resistance may decrease as a result of normal wear. Liquid ingress or damage is not covered under warranty under any circumstances.

22.5 Processing of Returns

Once the parcel is received and accepted by The Techout, and depending on the nature of the item, the available stock and the Customer’s wishes, The Techout can offer the Customer the option of an exchange or refund.

22.6 Process

Once the parcel is received and accepted by The Techout, and depending on the nature of the item, the available stock and the Consumer's wishes, The Techout will issue a replacement item or reimburse the Customer with a full refund.

The above policies are part of our commitment to high quality service. They do not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.

T&Cs version 15th July 2021