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Apple iPhone XR Water Damage

There’s nothing worse than discovering your iPhone’s suffered from water damage. Whether you dropped your iPhone or it was simply misplaced, water and iPhones simply don’t mix. 

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be the end for your iPhone. The Techout offers a water damage repair service which can help to save your iPhone. 

iPhone XR Water Damage 

Water damage remains one of the most common issues for iPhones. However, even when you’ve dropped your iPhone in water and tried to save it, it’s not always clear whether the issue is to do with water damage. 

If you get your iPhone wet, the best way to see if it’s potentially suffered damage is with the Liquid Contact Indicator (LCI). Usually located either in the SIM holder or charging port, it’s a sticker that will turn red if water has reached into that part of the device. 

If your iPhone suffers from water damage, you could come across all manner of issues, including the device simply not working. 

If you come across issues with your iPhone that could be a result of water damage, we are here to help. 

Our iPhone Water Damage Repair Service 

Here at The Techout, we are experts when it comes to iPhone repairs. No matter how big or small your issue, our dedicated in-house team will do everything they can to get your device back up and running. 

All our repairs are done to professional standards, including cleanliness. We pride ourselves on our service, and with a completely in-house team, you can be confident of sending your iPhone to us.

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