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How Do I Know if My Phone’s Charger Port is Damaged?

How Do I Know if My Phone’s Charger Port is Damaged?

For many of us, our phones are now an integral part of our daily lives - we use them for everything from keeping in touch to mobile banking, which is why it can be especially frustrating when this lifeline starts to fail us when we need it most.

Issues with battery life and charging can be particularly problematic. If your phone is not charging as it should, there might be a fault with your charge port or charger.

We explore how you can establish whether it's a damaged charger port that’s causing issues and what you should do if smartphone repairs are necessary.

Signs Your Phone’s Charging Port is Damaged or Broken

What are some of the main signs of a damaged charging port? Here we will discuss some of the most common issues which affect the charging of popular smartphones like the Apple iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy.

Loose Phone Charger Port 

If you have to hold your phone at a particular angle for it to charge correctly, it may be that the port has come loose. This will need to be repaired sooner rather than later as continued use in this condition will likely cause further damage.

Broken Pins in Phone Charger Port

Similarly, if pins inside the port become broken or bent, correct charging will become impossible. This problem is more difficult to diagnose as the phone will have to be disassembled before you can determine the issue.

samsung smartphone charging port

Debris in Phone Charger Port

Debris inside the charger port will also affect efficiency. To check if debris is compromising your charging port, shine a light to see if there is any visible dirt. If there is, you can carefully use a paper clip to dislodge the dirt. We recommend for iPhone users, an apple lightning charger cable for high durability.

Charger Cable and Adapter Work With Other Devices

If your usual charging cable and adapter works fine when used on another compatible device, it is fairly likely that your phone’s charging port is faulty or evidence there is a wider issue with the device.

Other Reasons Your Phone Won’t Charge

If you are having charging issues but have ruled out problems with the charging port itself, there are several other things that could be causing the issue.

Faulty Phone Charging Cable 

A damaged USB charging cable is one of the most common reasons behind charging issues as they are flimsy and often get carried around with us, leading to lots of opportunities for stress. Experiment with a brand new cable to see if a broken one was causing your charging problems.

A group of orange charging cables against a blue background

Faulty Phone Charger Adapter

Many modern phone chargers come in the form of a cable with a USB and an adapter that the USB is plugged into. If you’ve established that the cable is working fine, then check your adapter in a similar fashion.

The USB ports in these adapters can become loose as they age, so make sure this is not the case.

Also be aware that different rated amps on chargers will also have an effect on charging.

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Defective Phone Battery 

If you have an older phone, charging issues may arise as your battery ages and loses its ability to charge fully.

If, after a bit of investigation, you suspect your phone’s charging port is damaged or broken, it is best to have a professional look at it to ensure you don’t create further damage while attempting to fix it. You might need an iPhone battery replacement and this requires a professional.

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