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What case should you get for your mobile phone?

What case should you get for your mobile phone?

At The Techout we’ve seen more smashed mobile phone screens than most people have had hot dinners, so whenever you get a new phone it really is a no brainer to get a case to protect it – and we have a wide range to choose from that will keep your phone in tiptop condition.

Most of us have our phones with us all the time, so it’s no surprise that everyone drops their phone at some point – it gets knocked off a worktop, café table, in a pub, falls out of a bag, the list is endless.

If you enjoy the great outdoors – walking, camping, fishing, cycling, trips to the beach, the risk to your phone is even higher.

It doesn’t take much to smash a screen or display unit and to crack a phone case either. Not to mention all the scratches and scuffs that might not affect the use of your phone but will leave it looking very battered and sorry for itself.

We can of course replace your screen and any other components at very competitive prices but for a cost of between £5 and £20, why would you not buy something to prevent it in the first place?

Sadly, so many don’t – if you look around a table in a pub, what’s the bet at least some of those phones will be completely unprotected? Some will probably have cracked screens too…

Don’t forget as well that if you want to sell your phone on, or trade it in, you’ll get more money if it is in good condition!

What is the best case to protect your mobile phone?

The Techout stocks a wide range of choices for phone cases, to suit all budgets and with plenty of styles and colours to choose from.

What you get all depends on your own lifestyle and personal preferences – is your phone likely to get dropped and knocked much? Do you mind if it looks a little chunkier or is style everything to you?

How much do you want to spend? (But bear in mind a new screen will cost a lot more than a new case!)

Phones come in all sorts of sizes too, so what you get will also depend on the model of your phone.

Here are just a few of the ranges we stock, but there are more available in store at our Barnstaple and Braunton branches

The Xquisite range is a mid-budget range which is drop tested to 1.2 metres and generally offers a wider range of colours and styles.

The range caters for various brands including numerous iPhones and Samsung models, with several styles to choose from.

The ProGrip range is a sturdy, rough textured but stylish option that remains sleek, is easy to grip and good at absorbing shocks.

The Matte Air option also provides good protection but has a soft, smooth and comfortable feel with an eye to style, for those who want their phone to remain as fashionable as possible.

The range also includes tough silicone cases as well as wallet style cases, so the choice is yours.

The Raptic range is among the toughest on the market and is drop tested to between two and four metres, which is quite a distance!

It offers several choices for both iPhones and Galaxy phones, such as the Clear range which is a sturdy, but not intrusive, double layer rubberised case that will protect your phone from quite a shock, while remaining slim and portable.

The Air range is reinforced by a machined aluminium alloy to provide good strength and protection, but still offers a stylish choice and various colours.

The Shield range is a little chunkier but still looks good and Raptic says is certified to exceed military grade drop test standards, so a good choice for anyone that likes the rugged outdoors.

The Prodigee range offers a compromise between fashion and protection. It is drop tested to two metres and is generally compared to the Raptic range, but is limited to iPhone 12 pro max models and newer.

The design is slimmer without too much bulk, yet still offers great protection.

Some models also have the MagSafe ring built into the case, meaning you can recharge your iPhone 12 and above on a MagSafe wireless charger without removing the case.

At The Techout we offer a wide range of device protection, from screen protectors; camera protectors; a wide range of cases and so much more, starting from just £4.99.

Don’t forget too it is really a good idea to get a screen protector for your phone, which will prevent the screen itself becoming scratched, adding to the resale value and ensuring your phone’s touchscreen continues to work as it should.

What next? Come and see us!

You can view more cases online at https://thetechout.com but we have several other options in store too, so please do pop in and see us at our Barnstaple Queen Street store or our store on the Square in Braunton.

Our staff will be happy to show you a range of case options and chat to you about the pros and cons of each, and discuss what will best suit you.