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Why Does My iPhone Get so Hot so Fast?

Why Does My iPhone Get so Hot so Fast?

Overheating is a mechanical problem that many devices fall victim to, and can often cause a series of issues that affect processing speed, screen delay, and battery life. iPhones experience frequent overheating due to many reasons, and sometimes an iPhone repair is needed. This article will discuss why your iPhone is too hot and how to fix it quickly!

Reasons Your iPhone is Overheating

First, let’s discuss the multiple reasons why an iPhone could be getting hotter than usual.


The weather is no friend to manufactured machinery and will often cause an array of problems.


An iPhone being warm is usually a widespread problem with an easy solution. Firstly, if the iPhone has been in contact with a heat source, left in a naked car to bake, went outside on a summer's day, or left next to a fire, it will cause your device to overheat.

How to Fix

You need to immediately remove your iPhone from the heat source and let it cool down. If your device spends excessive time in hot weather, it will cause the processors to become damaged. This continuous exposure will drastically decrease your battery time and cause further problems with overheating.

Software Overload

Every device includes an intricate software and processing network that can be damaged through overheating. However, not all heat will damage the device, but if you’re worried then simply follow these steps to ensure your device's safety.


In most cases, the reason why your iPhone is overheating is due to the processor working hard. When someone spends multiple hours watching streaming platforms that require a high processing speed, the iPhone uses excessive amounts of energy and dissipates heat.

How to Fix the Software

A cooling down period for a device is required to ensure that the device's processor can remain intact. If you don't allow your device to cool down, the processors can burn out and cause long-lasting issues for your iPhone.

We recommend taking an extended break ranging from 3 to 4 hours for your iPhone to catch up with the excessive demand.

Battery Issues

Battery life is an essential component of every mechanical device, and when your regular battery begins to deplete rapidly, you might have a problem.


Faulty chargers and batteries can sometimes cause iPhones to garner heat. Have you ever left your charger in all night and woke up to a warm iPhone? This situation is caused when you leave your iPhone charging for way too long.

Additionally, there are unofficial chargers that can overload your iPhone's batteries and cause outbursts of heat frequently.

How to Fix your Charger

Take a look at your charger and check if it's officially recognised by Apple with an MFi certification. Every MFi certified device will have a tiny microchip that can be scanned to authenticate its license.

If you believe that your battery is beyond help, you could always come into the Techout store and get it checked with our free diagnostics service.

We hope you've found this article helpful and have been able to fix your issue. If you need further assistance, get in contact with us on our socials, by phone, or live chat.