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The new iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus have landed

The new iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus have landed

The iPhone 15 range has now landed in stores across the globe and there is plenty to talk about with this next generation of iPhones.

Here, we take a look at Apple’s latest models and give you the lowdown on what’s new and which iPhone 15 might be best for you.

Plus here at The Techout we already have a range of screen protectors and cases in stock to protect the newest addition to your family.

There are some great new features in the iPhone 15 range including the interactive Dynamic Island – no more ‘dead’ notch on your phone screen, plus improved cameras and photography across the whole range, with the flagship Pro Max model offering one of the best smartphone photography options on the market at the moment, according to reviewers.

There are changes to style and charging too, so read on to find out more about the new iPhone 15 and 15 Plus – and check out our blog on the new iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models too.

The new iPhone 15 – no longer the poor relation

The standard iPhone 15 is the most affordable in the new range but for once the ‘budget’ option is not too different from the top-of-the-line models.

It has a 6.1 inch screen and is a good size for your palm or your pocket.

It runs on the A16 Bionic chip, which was last year’s best chip that featured in the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. 

Data capacity sizes start at 128GB which should be plenty for most users, but higher options are available.

The camera has had a big upgrade to 48MP (megapixel) for the main camera - more on that shortly.

In terms of what it’ll do, the phone is great for streaming, game play, web browsing and 4k video editing, with no issues and more than enough for most. 

Techout Tip: Early reports from purchasers of any of the new 15 range suggest you would be wise to update your new phone to iOS 17.0.2 before setting anything up. Apple says the update fixes an issue that may prevent transferring data directly from another iPhone during the device setup process, so it is best to install it before you start.

Design: The first thing you’ll notice about any of the iPhone 15 models is the new design. Don’t worry, it still looks very much like an iPhone, but the corners are now more rounded and the overall impression of the smoothed edges is a softer look and feel.

Apple has introduced what it is calling colour-infused back glass, which is a nice style touch and does give the phone an overall warmer look.

The phone is available in a range of pastel muted colours: yellow, blue, pink, green and black.

Charging: The new range is charged through a USB C port and a USB C to USB C cable is supplied, but you will need to supply your own mains adaptor. It also means your old Lightning cables will no longer work, which depending on where you charge your phone may mean buying a few new cables.

Dynamic Island: The big change is the trademark ‘dead’ notch on your iPhone screen is no longer there – instead, Apple has used the space to create the ‘Dynamic Island’, which is essentially a small screen within a screen that gives you a range of information such as notifications, directions, your next Uber and what music you’re playing. Tapping on it will bring up more info.

This function was first brought out with the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models but is now standard across the new range.

Display: The display is very bright with reviewers suggesting it is noticeably brighter than the iPhone 14. For the technical fans, it uses Apple's Super Retina XDR OLED display, which overall is a good display that will suit the needs of most users.

Battery: The iPhone 15 is rated for 20 hours of video playback but the consensus from online reviewers is it will on the whole run all day, much like any other iPhone. That’s not 24 hours, but a new battery should be good for the awake part of your day! 

It will charge to 50% in 30 minutes if you purchase the optional 20W charger, but you will need to buy a power adaptor in any case as it only comes with a USB C lead. You can of course charge it wirelessly with the MagSafe charge option if you have the equipment.

iPhone 15 camera upgrade and better photography

The camera on the iPhone 15 has had a big upgrade compared to the iPhone 14 and it now has a 48MP camera that was previously found in the iPhone 14 Pro.

Taking pictures is hugely important to most smartphone users and the standard 15 offers better pictures compared with previous phones plus some great new photography features.

There are still two lenses on the back of the phone. The 12MP ultra-wide lens remains the same but the main camera is now the 48MP. In addition the 12MP front-facing TrueDepth lens is a good selfie camera.

Low light photography is good too.

A big change is improvements to the portrait function. Any picture you take with the main camera can be a portrait image as long as the phone identifies it as a person or a pet, which it usually does.

So you can take your picture and then change it into portrait mode afterwards, if you wish. There will be a ‘Portrait f’ symbol if it can be switched, meaning you can use more editing options such as depth of field and set where you want the focus to be. Very useful if you’d intended to set the Portrait mode but had forgotten.

TechRader reports the new iPhone 15 camera set up is ‘unquestionably the best set of cameras we have ever seen on an iPhone base model’.

Software: The new iPhone 15 range runs on iOS 17, the latest operating system that comes with a host of new features.

These include a major upgrade to Messages, a Live Voicemail function where the message will roll across your screen in real time if you are unable to answer the phone.

FaceTime now allows audio and video messages to be recorded and left for the recipient to listen to or watch later – just like voicemail.

There is a Journal app plus a possibly life-saving Check In feature where trusted friends or family can be kept up to date with the progress of your journey and location – and raise the alarm if anything seems to have gone wrong.

There is much more that’s new with iOS 17 – check out our in-depth iOS 17 guide for the full rundown.

The Techout verdict

The iPhone 15 brings a new look to the iPhone stable and for once the most affordable model in the range has been levelled up with its most expensive siblings, meaning owners will not be missing out on too much or be pining for the Pro Max they wished they’d bought.

It is early days, but this looks like a very good phone that has had a decent upgrade on its camera capability and with new features such as the Dynamic Island.

The new iPhone 15 Plus – for big screen fans

The iPhone 15 Plus does everything the iPhone 15 above does, but it’s bigger! For not much more money you can get a 6.7 inch screen with all the design upgrades and colour options as the iPhone 15.

It also comes in the 128/256/512GB data capacity options and runs iOS 17 straight out of the box.

It has the same A16 chip specs as the iPhone 15, the same camera upgrades to 48MP – a big jump – and the new Dynamic Island feature.

The Techout verdict

The iPhone 15 Plus does everything the iPhone 15 does, but it’s larger! So if you want a new big screen phone in the new iPhone 15 range but don’t want to spend a lot more money, this could be the option for you.

Cases and screen protectors for the new iPhone 15 range

The last thing you want to do is damage your new iPhone 15 when you’ve just purchased it, so a screen protector and a good case are both vitally important to keep your phone looking great – and when the time comes to sell it on, you’ll get more money for a handset in tip top condition.

Here at The Techout we have a wide range of cases and screen protectors for the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus and iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max to suit all budgets and lifestyles.

Screen protectors: At £9.99 across the board for our screen protector range, can you really afford to be without one? They will ensure your phone screen is shielded against cracks and scratches, which are very difficult to avoid. 

Available in hydrogel or tempered glass options, our screen protectors are easy to fit, or if you wish to pop into our stores in either Barnstaple or Braunton, one of our team will be happy to fit it to your new phone in minutes.

Cases: A new case will cost you a LOT less than a new screen! The Techout stocks a range of options depending upon your budget and lifestyle, but if you’re active and your phone is likely to get bumped around – and let’s face it, that’s difficult to avoid, it really makes sense to get a case as soon as you buy your phone.

The Xquisite range is a mid-budget option which is drop tested to 1.2 metres and generally offers a wider range of colours and styles.

The ProGrip model is a sturdy, rough textured but stylish option that remains sleek, is easy to grip and good at absorbing shocks.

The Matte Air option also provides good protection but has a soft, smooth and comfortable feel with an eye to style, for those who want their phone to remain as fashionable as possible.

The range also includes tough silicone cases as well as wallet style cases, so the choice is yours.

The Raptic range is among the toughest on the market and drop tested to between two and four metres. 

There are various choices, including the Clear range which is a sturdy, but not intrusive, double layer rubberised case that will protect your phone from quite a shock, while remaining slim and portable.

The Air range is reinforced by aluminium alloy to provide good strength and protection, but still offers a stylish choice and various colours.

The Shield range is a little chunkier but still looks good and Raptic says is certified to exceed military grade drop test standards, so a good choice for anyone that likes the rugged outdoors.

Prodigee offers a compromise between fashion and protection. It is drop tested to two metres and is generally compared to the Raptic range.

Some models also have the MagSafe ring built into the case, meaning you can recharge your iPhone on a MagSafe wireless charger without removing the case.