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Selling your old phone couldn’t be easier

Selling your old phone couldn’t be easier

If you’ve upgraded your mobile phone and want to sell your old one, it couldn’t be easier with The Techout’s online sales platform.

Too many of us have old mobile phones sat around in drawers at home and slowly degrading, when in fact they could be translated into cash in our pockets, whether to spend on the next phone or simply to help your bank balance.

Not only that, by recycling your old phone with us, you are helping the environment too – did you know that in 2020, only 20% of technology devices were recycled properly, with the rest ending up in landfill.

Our sales site is incredibly easy to use – simply go to https://thetechout.com and click the sales tab on the top left, then either search for your device or click on the relevant brand ie iPhone, Samsung or whatever.

The process and payment once we have agreed a price with you is very quick and very straightforward.

Here, we’ve set it out in and easy step-by-step guide for you to follow.

Step 1:

Head over to our sell site (https://thetechout.com) Use the search function to find your device or select it from the brand menus.

Step 2:

Select the grade of your device – new, good, average or faulty. Please be honest! For example, a ‘good’ iPhone would have minimal signs of use, without any dents, no more than four light scratches on the screen or five on the housing.

It should power on and be fully functional, with a minimum battery heath of 85%. Features such as touch ID, Face ID and the home button should all work correctly.

There should be no liquid damage or screen burn and no software of hardware issues.

All accounts such as Google or iCloud should have been removed from the device and it should be factory reset.

Select the storage and network options that apply to your device. As you apply the options you will see a valuation estimate in the right of the screen.

All grades have their descriptions listed on the product pages.

Step 3:

If you are happy with the valuation and wish to proceed, click ‘sell this device’ and go to the next page, where you will be asked to create an account, as well as enter your contact details and payment details, either paypal or bank transfer.

Step 4:

We will send you a confirmation email with your order number and a postage pack so you can send your phone to us. Then simply drop it in a Royal Mail collection depot, job done.

Step 5:

Once we receive your phone, it will be evaluated to check its condition and make sure it matches your order. Then our team will test all its functions to make sure everything works as described.

If all is good, your payment will be processed by our team and we will aim to pay you within 48 hours of receiving your device, but it is often much quicker. If we are exceptionally busy, this may extend to 72 hours.

Step 6:

If your device is found to be different or has a problem, we will adjust your quote and send you a revised price. Once accepted we make payment within 48 hours.

But if you don’t want to go ahead, we will send it back to you.

That’s all there is to it! The valuation of your device will last for 14 days, as long as it passes our checks.

If you can’t find your device on our site, simply drop us a message with the device details and we will send you a dedicated quote via email.

If you have old mobile phones sat around at home that you no longer use, sell them now.