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The iPhone 14 Range - NEW 2022

The iPhone 14 Range - NEW 2022

At last! The new iPhone 14 has landed at The Techout and it’s packed with exciting new upgrades that doesn’t disappoint.

The eagerly-awaited new line up basically offers four phones – the iPhone 14, the iPhone 14 Pro and the larger iPhone 14 Plus and 14 Pro Max, which weigh in with a whopping 6.7 inch screen.

On the outside, it looks much like the iPhone 13, with the stylish high standard we have come to expect from Apple, but it is on the inside where the magic happens – and it might even save your life.

The latest generation of iPhones has crash detection technology, which means clever sensors in the phone can detect if you are in a severe car crash and automatically call the emergency services and give your location.

The new models have a greatly improved camera to take better pictures, more vibrant and clear than ever before, with auto lighting features that are a step up again from previous iPhones.

There is a new video action mode too, which means you can shoot smooth and clearer video of action scenes thanks to the clever optical image stabilisation tech.

The battery life is excellent and runs for a day without charge – Apple says the iPhone 14 Plus battery is the best battery life ever for an iPhone.

Another exciting feature, which sadly is currently only available in the US and Canada, is Emergency SOS via satellite, which means if you have an emergency in remote terrain and are without a phone signal, you can point your phone at a satellite and send an SOS text message.

It is hoped this service will be available to UK customers soon.

What it looks like

The iPhone 14 does look similar to the 13 but with a new choice of colour shades in Blue, Purple, Midnight, Starlight, and Red.

The blue is unique to the iPhone 14, so if you want people to know you have the new iPhone, you know which one to choose!

The standard 14 weighs in at 6.1 inches and the Plus models 6.7.

The notch is gone

The distinctive iPhone notch at the top of the screen is no more in the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max – instead there is a pill shaped integral part of the display that houses the selfie camera and front sensors, as well as displaying alerts and notifications. Dubbed the Dynamic Island!

The display

Both the 14 and 14 Plus come with Apple’s Super Retina XDR OLED display, which can go up to a high level of brightness, especially handy for outdoor use.

It has durable ceramic shield protection that Apple says is tougher than the front of any other smartphone.

What is new is the ‘always on’ display, which can show notifications and other information when the phone is locked, but at low power to save on battery life.

Better cameras

The placing of the iPhone 14 cameras is a little different and it means your older iPhone 12 or 13 cases will not fit.

But the new 12MP main camera has a bigger sensor than their predecessor for a claimed 49% improvement in low-light.

The front camera is also 12MP and it adds autofocus for the first time along with a faster lens for better low-light performance.

The Pro and Pro Max cameras have a very noticeable upgrade, with a new 48MP main camera and upgrades to the telephoto and ultra wide cameras too.

Apple’s new Photonic Engine tech is impressing reviewers who say the low-light photography is better than ever before.

These new cameras should enable you to take far better photos outdoors in poor light as well as inside venues such as clubs, bars and restaurants.


The battery can easily last a full day and Apple says the iPhone 14 Plus (released earlier in October) has the longest battery life of any iPhone.


The iPhone 14 uses the A15 Bionic chip, which isn’t brand new, but is the advanced model with extra graphics capability seen in the iPhone 13 Pro.

It’s not as powerful as the one in the iPhone 14 Pro, but it is more capable and advanced than most phone processors on the market.


It might not look as if much has changed with the new iPhone 14 range, but inside a LOT has changed.

This is a responsive phone that performs every task very quickly and offers great photography plus brilliant video too.

Time will tell on the crash detection function but it could potentially be a life-saver, as could the innovative Emergency SOS messaging service, if that can be introduced in the UK.

And knowing Apple, we’re pretty sure they will!

So why not pop down to The Techout and meet the new iPhone 14 and its bigger brother, the iPhone 14 Plus.