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The 3MK Range is here!

The 3MK Range is here!

Stylish new range of cases, protection and accessories from 3mk

Protecting your expensive device is a crucial part of owning a smartphone for most people and The Techout is delighted to bring you a range of stylish and innovative products from our new supplier 3mk.

It means we can now offer you even greater choice of cases, screen and lens protectors and charging accessories for both Apple iPhones and Android devices, in addition to our existing wide range of products.

3mk is based in Poland and in less than 20 years has grown from its roots of a small mobile phone accessories shop to supplying protective smartphone accessories to half of Europe.

At The Techout we only want to use trusted suppliers who will complement our drive for the best possible customer service using only the best parts and accessories.

3mk has impressed us with the company’s drive to improve and innovate, constantly developing better, stronger screen protectors and cases in response to customer demand – and at very competitive prices too.

Read on for a snapshot of some of the 3mk range – but please do contact us any time if you wish to find out more, or just drop into our stores in Barnstaple or Braunton for a chat.


What price protection?

No one wants their expensive iPhone or Galaxy to end up with a smashed or badly scratched screen, especially if it is new! Not only does it look horrible, it makes the touchscreen function much harder to use.

So most smartphone owners these days will opt for a screen protector, usually a flexible glass that won’t break the bank but is far, far cheaper than paying for a new screen!

The 3mk Hammer Screen Protector range is not the cheapest out there, but it lives up to its name and then some.

We describe this as the ultimate armour for your iPhone or Android screen, boosting its strength by up to an incredible 500% and it also comes with the amazing Self-Heal technology – watch minor scratches and damage disappear within 24 hours!

The 3mk Anti-Shock Screen Protector is a mid-range offering that is still impressive, offering more than 300% additional strengthening to your screen and also equipped with Self-Heal technology.

The camera on your iPhone or Galaxy is often the part that will take damage, due to the lenses protruding a little from the phone – and a scratched lens is not great if you want to take photos (and who doesn’t?)

3mk offers a solution – the 3mk Lens Pro fully covers the lens area on a range of iPhones and Galaxy handsets and ensures complete protection of the lenses without detracting from the ability to get great pictures.

If you use your phone for work or school or even if you don’t want to be overlooked, sometimes it is difficult to get privacy in a crowded space.

3mk has solved this with the 3mk Privacy Screen Protector that makes sure your private stuff stays private – and also offers 250% strengthening of your phone screen too. It has a silky matte finish that effectively reduces screen glare and a super smooth oleophobiccoating.

Do you hate fitting fiddley screen protectors? It certainly takes practice and that’s why every protector sold at The Techout will be fitted free of charge for you in store by one of our trained technicians.

We guarantee a flawless fitting and crystal clear, trouble-free display.


Cases offer great protection for your phone

Screen protectors are great, but they only protect the screen, so any sensible smartphone user will get a case to make sure the rest is protected too, not only from scuffs or scratches, but by something that will cushion any accidental impact and protect the delicate components inside.

3mk supply a range of cases that fit the bill, including the 3mk Armor Case that is available for a very wide range of models including iPhones and the Samsung Galaxy.

It offers military-grade protection against drops, impacts, and scratches, but is clear, slim and unobtrusive – at a great price too.

For even greater protection and for those with a busier lifestyle that might include hiking or sports, the 3mk Satin Armor Case+ is a good choice.

It will take the protection of your phone to the next level and is again available for a range of models.

It provides extreme durability against impact damage but still remains slim and stylish, giving the perfect balance between practicality and style.

You can check out the full range here online, or if you’d prefer to discuss your individual needs in person and would like to actually handle a case before you buy, please do drop into one of our stores and have a chat with the team.

HOT OFF THE PRESS: Bored with standard phone cases and want something unique to you? Our brand new personalised case service can print any picture or any design on your case, including the 3mk models above.

So whether you want a picture of a loved one, pet or maybe something celebrating your hobby or interests, we add that to make your case truly unique and stand out. A collage of multiple images can also be created, if you can’t pick just one, or perhaps you simply want a stylised design – the choice is yours.

Plus there’s less chance of someone picking up your phone in error in a busy pub or restaurant!


Cables with many connections

3mk also provides a range of connecting cables to suit most modern devices and lifestyles.

This includes all the USB connector types such as USB C to USB C, USB C to Aux, USB C to Lightning and more.

The 3mk Hyper ThunderBolt Cable 240W is a high-performance cable designed to handle extreme charging and data transfer demands, giving you lightning speed for all your device demands.

Or we have the 3mk Hyper Cable 4k60Hz 1m 100W C to C, which is a high-performance USB-C to USB-C cable that supports 4k60Hz resolution and delivers up to 100W of power. Designed for seamless data transfer, charging and video output.

Again, if you are not sure what cable you need, or wish to discuss the specifics of the different models in person, please do just drop in and see us.


The Techout is really pleased to have this addition of new 3mk products to our extensive range of accessories, so do come and see us and check them out!